Good Reasons to work for a Smaller Business

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to get a big employer name on your CV but there are good reasons to work for a smaller business too.

There’s a perception of higher status that comes with being selected by a big company – reputation through association – and that association can set a sort of precedent for your career.  But there are also a lot of good reasons to work for a smaller business.

In my experience, many of the frustrations felt by employees at large complex organisations, which ultimately become the reasons they move on, are much less apparent in SME’s and micro-businesses. With smaller businesses come all kinds of opportunities:

  1. Work closer to leadership– The person who’s paying your wages is no longer unobtainable.  You’ll actually be speaking with them regularly, able to share first-hand in their vision for the business.
  2. Progression– With fewer people in the company and at peer level, you’ll have a clearer view of the future opportunities for you in the company.
  3. Recognition– The merits of your work are much more obvious, not only to you but also to those around you.
  4. Flexibility– Smaller companies tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere and offer greater freedom to innovate and express yourself.
  5. Work-Life Balance– With more a ‘family-feel’, you’ll find greater understanding that the importance placed on your personal time has a positive effect on your work effectiveness.
  6. Affiliation– As your work has a direct impact on business performance, you will get that sense of that your work has real meaning.
  7. Business sense– Exposed day to day to the business operations, you’ll develop an understanding of how businesses function; its finances, sales, personnel, technology and systems.
  8. Variety– There’s less silo-mentality in smaler companies, with opportunity to broaden your horizons and take on work that otherwise might have been passed on elsewhere.
  9. Less red tape– Decision-making is not restricted to complex hierarchy and sign-off process, it is just a conversation away, and let’s not get bogged down in office politics…
  10. Part of decision-making– In fact, you’ll probably be an influential part of the decision-making process; your thoughts and ideas will be heard.
  11. Camaraderie–  Working as part of a smaller team naturally brings people together and you’ll find a strong team-working atmosphere.
  12. Personal development– You’re more likely to get highly relevant training that benefits both you and the business capabilities.
  13. Client focus – You really will have a level of autonomy, to deliver what your clients want, that bigger companies often strive for but never quite manage to achieve.

So there you go; 13 Good Reasons to work for a smller business.

According to the Federation for Small Business, SME’s account for 60% of all private sector employment in the UK.  So there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved.  And, as a Recruiter, I like to see CVs that have at least one decent stint working with a small company.  It gives me the sense that I’m dealing with a more ‘rounded’ individual, who has got a real-life view of business.


“Mark was extremely collaborative and demonstrated a keen desire to ensure both parties were engaged and satisfied.  Mark has a high level of knowledge in the area of Energy and a genuine interest in the field.  I will have no hesitation in recommending Mark to manage your recruitment needs.”

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Nicky Maclaurin, Director Energy Consulting

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